Marketing and Growth Strategies

A comprehensive strategic analysis to uncover growth opportunities that best align with organizational capabilities. The starting point is high level but I drill down to the details as the analysis shapes. I forecast the opportunity in terms of revenue, profits, operational requirements including staffing and all corresponding timelines. The plan will produce specific tactical recommendations to drive the desired results.

Organizational Structure Optimization

Most organizations grow organically and at times very quickly. It’s important to conduct an objective evaluation of the organizations’ size, structure, personnel, and culture to ensure its alignment with optimum performance in the future.

Product & Feature Market Validation and Value Articulation 

Bench a new feature or a new product in the marketplace to assess its viability and position. Also, understand both the tangible and intangible value proposition for the intended end user (target audience) to then articulate it with precision.

Speaking Engagements 

High energy, fun and easy to follow format presentation in the following areas:

  • An overview of current initiatives and developments in the residential real estate industry
  • A comprehensive residential real estate industry orientation for new entrants
  • A futuristic converging view of economic, cultural, technological, demographic and regulatory topics as they relate to the residential real estate industry

Image Evaluation: 

The manner in which employees of organizations carry themselves and dress is a direct reflection of its culture and its perceived position in the market. I provide an objective evaluation and specific recommendations to ensure a favorable organizational image.